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Internet Archive Celebration

Published October 24, 2013

Celebrate at the Internet Archive — 1024 — Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Internet Archive once-a-year celebration and announcements of new services. (And it just so happened to fall on 1024, which our fellow geeks will recognize as 2^10.) We gathered together to tell you about the new steps we’re taking to guarantee permanent, free access to the world’s knowledge.

Some things we shared:

Reader Privacy for All - Brewster Kahle and Daniel Ellsberg
We are helping to protect the reading habits of our users from prying eyes by increasing encryption and keeping less user data. (Daniel Ellsberg collection.)

Quotable Television News - Roger MacDonald and Tracey Jaquith
A new interface for the TV News Research Service will facilitate journalists, bloggers and your news-addicted relatives to search, quote short clips and borrow from a massive, searchable archive of U.S.television news programs.

No more broken links - Alexis Rossi
Help wipe out dead links on the Internet with new tools and APIs to replace dead links with archived versions. Down with 404s!

Bringing Old Software Back to Life - Jason Scott
First steps to bring the software for Apple II’s, Commodore 64′s etc back from cassette and to the web.

Event closing comments by Brewster Kahle

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Reviewer: Tyler - - October 29, 2013
Subject: Great documentation of the night!
Great documentation of the 10/24 (October 24, 2013) Internet Archive annual celebration. I wasn't able to be there in-person so it was a lot of fun to watch. New and exciting things happening (as always) at Video is just one camera (possibly a web-cam pointed at the stage?) so the resolution isn't perfect but the audio and video quality is good. A great presentation and lots of fun. Thanks for putting this video up for us to watch who couldn't make it!